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Health & Wellness Coaching


Behavior change can be a complicated matter.


The purpose of Health & Wellness coaching is to bridge the gap between what we know we should do and what we actually do. The industry of Health & Wellness Coaching was created by doctors who saw the need for somebody to help their patients implement the instructions they were providing. Information is different from application. Health & Wellness Coaches are in the business of APPLICATION (although we don't mind sharing our knowledge too). 


Health & Wellness Coaching has evolved into a professional field to help all kinds of people discover what true health means to them. Using motivational interviewing, a coach helps the client generate a vision based on the client's values. Motivational interviewing is a skillful communication technique that ultimately helps the client discover their own path forward. 


The coach works alongside the client to foster motivation around a realistic, individualized action plan and continues to serve as an accountability partner throughout the process of habit formation.


The Health & Wellness Coaching environment is a safe, non-judgmental, non-pushy, empathetic atmosphere. The coach is committed to the client's best interest and will remain a positive support throughout the highs and lows of the change process. 

Health & Wellness Topics


A wide range of topics are covered within Health & Wellness Coaching. A client may focus on one, numerous, or all of the topics in order to reach their ideal health. These topics include (but are not limited to) exercise, nutrition, weight loss, sleep hygiene, stress management, relationships, life balance/satisfaction, spirituality/purpose, personal goals, and professional goals. Often, these topics are intertwined. 

Who is Health & Wellness Coaching for?


Health & Wellness Coaching is for anyone and everyone! Whether you have specific lifestyle instructions from a doctor, you feel a sense of dissatisfaction with your current life, you are concerned that you are on an unhealthy path, or you would just like to thrive more, this is for you! Whether you are ready to jump into behavior change right now or you are hesitant about making any change, this is for you! We can all live healthier and we could all use some support and guidance to get there!

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What a Health & Wellness Coach is NOT

A Health & Wellness Coach is not a Doctor, Psychologist, Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist, or Counselor. 

While Health & Wellness Coaches are educated in the basic principles of the above fields, HEALTH & WELLNESS COACHES ARE NOT THE EXPERTS. Health & Wellness Coaches gladly work alongside the above professionals to help the client put their recommendations into action.


Health & Wellness Coaches are skilled listeners and communicators, but in the coach's office (including "virtual office"), the client is the expert of their own life. If a Health & Wellness Coach senses that the client needs help beyond the coaching scope of practice, it is the coach's duty to openly discuss potential referrals with the client. 

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