One-on-one Coaching Packages


Address your specific individual needs and work together directly to accomplish your goals

(includes recap emails, text message availability, handouts)

*contact me with financial concerns

Citius 1-on-1 Coaching

(2-sessions over 1 month) 45-60 minutes each


  • an introduction for mothers who are new to coaching

  • designed for mothers who know their goal and just need help putting it to action

  • helps experienced clients rebound from a relapse



Altius 1-on-1 Coaching

(6-sessions over 3 months) 30-60 minutes each

  • most popular package 

  • allows more time for developing a foundation, deeper reflective inquiry, perspective shifts, trial and error related to goal setting, and intensive support


Fortius 1-on-1 Coaching

(12-sessions over 6 months) 30-60 minutes each


  • extended package

  • take a deeper dive into your health & wellness

  • work through more habit changes and extend the length of coaching accountability






Group Coaching


Address common challenges of motherhood with the support of a community of moms

(includes weekly zoom meetings, access to optional group text chat, one free individual coaching session, optional worksheets for application assistance)

Zoom meetings include educational portion and discussion

Wednesday @ 5:00 pm Central (6:00 pm Eastern)


Grow Momma Group Coaching

8 sessions over 2-months

(2 hours)


Topics include:

  • Purpose, Values, & Balance

  • Managing emotions & self-talk

  • Perfectionism & Mom-shame

  • Relationships (partner) and Belongingness

  • Habit formation

  • Movement, Eating, Sleep, & Stress

  • Body Image & Postpartum tips