Who are you?

A mom?

Great, I can relate!

Not a mom?

Also great! I haven't always been a mom either. 

An athlete?

Hopefully I've made it clear that "once an athlete, always an athlete". You learn so much from sports and those lessons stay with you. Whether you are actively competing or not, we will tap into the resilience you built during those sporty years. 

Not an athlete?

No worries, you'll just have to put up with my sports references! 


Are you struggling with any of the following?

-Figuring out my purpose or career path

-Navigating the transition into motherhood (and the identity shift)

-Finding time/energy to exercise, eat better, sleep enough, or manage stress

-Accepting that I don't have full control over my schedule anymore

-Feeling a sense of dread, uneasiness, dissatisfaction, loneliness, guilt, or anger

-Maintaining good relationships (including spouse, friends, and family)

-Embracing the changes to my body

-Comparing myself to other moms

-Being too hard on myself (perfectionism)

What are you seeking? 

Peace, Purpose, Clarity, Balance

Space for self-care: exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, relationships


Does this resonate with you?

Call, text, email: