Overcoming the challenges of motherhood, one hurdle at a time


Hier & Now Mission Statement: 

I am here to help Mom-athletes balance holistic health components such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, and relationships while addressing the mental and emotional challenges of motherhood. This holistic approach helps Mom-athletes to live a purpose-filled, passionate life with the tools to overcome the all-too common traps of our inner perfectionist and unrealistic cultural expectations.

My commitment to you is that I will:

  • Always listen openly and non-judgmentally.

  • Seek to understand your viewpoint.

  • Address the things that are most important to you.

  • Ask questions that guide you towards realization.

  • Be real.

  • Help you be realistic with your own pursuits and goals.

  • Compassionately hold you accountable.

  • Offer new perspectives.

  • Remain encouraging no matter how desperate you may feel.

  • Keep our conversations confidential (unless you or another could be harmed).

  • Connect you with the appropriate help, if need be.

  • Celebrate your successes.

  • Be invested in you.

Hier & Now 10 Principles: 

1. Once an athlete, always an athlete. Whether you compete now or not, you will always hold the life-lessons from sport with you. 

2. Health is multi-dimensional and interactive. 

3. Change often requires you to test your own beliefs. 

4. "Balance" does not mean EQUAL balance. 

5. Mood follows action. 

6. No (wo)man is an island. We were not meant to do this life alone. 

7. Listen first. Seek to understand. 

8. Love people. 

9. Having a greater purpose is essential to thriving. 

10. You rock. There is nobody else like you. 


Are you on board? Let's connect.