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Ryann Krais Hierholzer

B.S. Psychology

M.S. Kinesiology

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Collegiate Track & Field Athlete, Nike Heptathlete

NCAA D1 Champion, USA Runner-up

 7 x All-American

Mother of Shiloh and Brooks


About Me

Athlete. Mom. Coach. 

Wellness is truly a journey.

My interest in holistic wellness was sparked during my career as a track and field athlete. After years of over-prioritizing fitness levels and dietary restrictions, I began feeling a continuous sense of dread and dullness (as well as a performance decrease). A coach challenged me to prioritize finding peace, which led to multi-year process of identify my values, reordering my priorities, tackling perfectionism head-on, and finding joy in the process again. 

Skip ahead a few years into the start of a new venture... motherhood. As you can imagine, the challenges of taking care of a new baby required another evaluation of my personal wellness. My heart was exploding with love AND simultaneously feeling dull and lonely. This ultimately led to my discovery of the career called Health and Wellness Coaching, and my first taste of soccer in years (thanks to the advice of another Wellness Coach). 

Another kid, a few soccer teams, and many hours of coaching later, here I am, right alongside you, intentionally making adjustments to further improve my wellness. Life evolves and so do our goals, values, and priorities. Are you evolving with them? 

I'm a mom. I'm an athlete. I'm a Board Certified Wellness coach. I'm here to help you reach your goals, whatever they may look like. 

Whether you are looking to maximize your performance potential or you are looking to get started on the right track in terms of exercise/sleep/nutrition, I'm here. 

Whether you are searching for your value/purpose/balance or you are trying to evaluate upcoming decisions and transitions, I'm here. 

Whether you are overwhelmed by the stressors of life or you are searching for ways to improve relationships and/or team dynamics, I'm here. 

Hier & Now. One step at a time, we move forward. Come with me.


Photo Credit: @cbarronjr @staceylynnphoto @leah.mariephotography